Tuesday, 17 September 2013

con te partiro

Con Te Partiro? ? ? ? 

Actually i did not know what con te partiro is but when I translate it through goggle translate, it show that con te partiro is mean 'you will leave with' but when i see Bella post from The Bambams group, she write the meaning for con te partiro is time to say good bye. So I wonder what is the real meaning for con te partiro.

But that is not the point laa kan, so for me not to be complicated I just take the meaning for con te partiro is 'you will leave with' :) So I think this maybe gonna be the last post for BEL 311. It is sad to say good bye because teech your ways teach us really difference from the others lecturer. That is make you looks so awesome.

I take this BEL subject since part 1. BEL class is so interesting but your class is very awesome and I will remember you as our teech forever. There are so many moment that I will not forget. So I hope I will leave this BEL 311 with excellent result and makes you proud of we from ACC1103B :)

From Farid ;)


  1. long live teech !

    p/s : we're still remember when 'si botak' bullied us !! you sang 'balik kampung' version english ! im gonna this moment men !


  2. Replies
    1. AND remember to go on a holiday... SOON :o)

      Take Mr Aidin with you. He's a great dude!

    2. ahaha,thanks teech :) InsyaAllah I will take another joker go to holiday with me.ahahaha

  3. Yeaaaahh, teech is awesome!