Tuesday, 17 September 2013

`Con te partiro`

Assalamualaikum and ciao ogni corpo 

 Come stai everyone? hope you guys in a good mood because next week we will having our final exam..huhu hmm back to our last assignment from teech con te partiro.. what is that?? the meaning of con te partiro is time to say goodbye. when i know the meaning of this words, honestly i felt so sad because this is our last posting blog.huhu sob2 :(

 Firstly i want to thankful to teech for teaching me for the whole of this semester.THANK YOU. THANK YOU. AND THANK YOU. only Allah can repay it. besides, i also want to thank to all my classmate mostly to my partner najwa for helping me in checking grammar mistake. you guys such a good friend that i ever meet. hope to see you guys again next semester. insya Allah

last but not least, with full of respect teech i want to apologize to you if i had do something wrong that might hurting your heart.  i'm gonna miss you teech. hope to see you again. don't forget us Ac1103B students.

kak yana

con te partirĂ²


hey guys and teech. for this post, we, AC3B were asked to write about con te partirĂ². i guess this is how it spell. BTW, what does it means? when i Google translate it, it means you will leave with but i'm a bit confused about the meaning as others are saying it's time to say goodbye. i'm not good in Italian language. In fact, I know nothing about this language. As for that reason, i will you both meaning.

-- i will leave what? maybe teech's class i guess. I think I will leave this class with many wonderful memories. I still remembered the first time you walked in into our class. we were so noisy before you came in.As soon as you came, all the attentions go to you and we automatically became silent. i thought you would be strict like other lecturers, but i thought wrong. you are strict but in a fun way. with that thank you so much teech. :) 
-- the second one is, i will this class with my effort doing the project paper. me and my partner mira had gone through a lot and gave a very best to finish the project paper. i bet not only us, but the whole class had given 100% effort. but we knew we could had never finish it without your help.
-- that's all i can think about at this moment. i'm sorry if i fail to fulfill your requirement (is it the correct word to use) for this task.

-- i have read the post from my friends. when i read wani(h), i think, i almost cry. it is because i hate goodbye so much. it's hard to say farewell. it just hard.
-- so, for this chance, first of all i'm very sorry teech for all my wrong doings. thank you so much for all the knowledge you had given to us, for all the patience when you were with us, and for all the fun activities and
-- i hope to see you again in the future. you are awesome teech. 

these two are for you teech :)


con te partiro

Con Te Partiro? ? ? ? 

Actually i did not know what con te partiro is but when I translate it through goggle translate, it show that con te partiro is mean 'you will leave with' but when i see Bella post from The Bambams group, she write the meaning for con te partiro is time to say good bye. So I wonder what is the real meaning for con te partiro.

But that is not the point laa kan, so for me not to be complicated I just take the meaning for con te partiro is 'you will leave with' :) So I think this maybe gonna be the last post for BEL 311. It is sad to say good bye because teech your ways teach us really difference from the others lecturer. That is make you looks so awesome.

I take this BEL subject since part 1. BEL class is so interesting but your class is very awesome and I will remember you as our teech forever. There are so many moment that I will not forget. So I hope I will leave this BEL 311 with excellent result and makes you proud of we from ACC1103B :)

From Farid ;)

con ten partirooooo ~~~

assalamualaikum ..

con ten partiro ~ err .. i'm confuse what the means of those words ..in google translate its means " with you are far away " .. in nabila post from bambam blog its means "goodbye" .. maybee ~
huhu ..

okay okay .. i will miss this class BEL311 ! because this is the 1st time i had a tutor like TEECH ! always give we shocked every time during his class .. but to me its fun ! hahaha .. i will be not forget all memories in this class ... hehe .. thanks to dear TEECH because always give us new experience especially his punishment everything we do a wrong things .. 

Lastly, I want to apologize for my naughtiness in or other offenses to dear TEECH .. thanks for teaching us many things and support us during assignment .. always give us advised and always give us laugh in your class .. its very fun tutor with you even thought sometimes you make me stress .. hehe .. thanks you very much to you ~~ LOVE YOU ALWAYS .. hehe ..



Assalamualaikum Annyeong Vanakam 

I’m so lucky had met all of you. Very kind friends.
Pretty girls Handsome boys Macho teech .
Thank you so so so much for everything teech and friends.
May Allah bless you whenever you go. Till we meet again at OM’s cafe for breakfast . hahaha.
Last but not least, good luck for your final exam. Try to do the best and never ever give up earlier.

 Don’t  work behind me, I may not lead
Don’t work in front of me, I may not follow
Just walk beside me and be my friend
( Albert Camus)
p/s : selamat hari raya korban :)




Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sd Muhamadiyah "terbaik"

assalamualaikum ..

To me SD Muhamadiyah is school with a difference from other schools. The multi school groups especially students from poor families. This school not only teaches the basic academy but more so as to teach the meaning of human life. I remember that, Pak Hairi teach them about Prophet to his student. the students there, never felt inferior to students from rich people because they know it's not important, what is important is their future education. They also always work each other and love each other because they like family in this school. Many things i learn from this movie , even thought this school its old not like other school but this school still survive and never closed to any people. To me, SD Muhamadiyah build to help the poor children and for prove that their students also can successful like other children. SD Muhamadiyah THE BEST ! 

sory .. i just forgot to post this essay ..i know dear teech will angry with me .. and my mark ~ errr ..  :( ..
sorry teech ........


live to give, not to receive

Assalamualaikum and hello :)

Pak Harfan always said to his student that 'hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya dan bukan menerima sebanyak-banyaknya' . This words contains a lots of meaning. He also remind to his student that words before he go forever away from this world. In his live, he live for the SD Muhammadiyah. From his young life until his last breath is just for SD Muhammadiyah. Ibu Mus found his body sitting in his chair when Ibu Mus ask he that its time to go home. That moment is really touch because SD Muhammadiyah lose a great teacher and a good leader. But the sadness not effect the SD Muhammadiyah students from be a best. With the spirit of Pak Harfan in their soul, they go through the pain and achieve success in the tournament.

Thats all from Farid :) hee