Tuesday, 17 September 2013

con te partirò


hey guys and teech. for this post, we, AC3B were asked to write about con te partirò. i guess this is how it spell. BTW, what does it means? when i Google translate it, it means you will leave with but i'm a bit confused about the meaning as others are saying it's time to say goodbye. i'm not good in Italian language. In fact, I know nothing about this language. As for that reason, i will you both meaning.

-- i will leave what? maybe teech's class i guess. I think I will leave this class with many wonderful memories. I still remembered the first time you walked in into our class. we were so noisy before you came in.As soon as you came, all the attentions go to you and we automatically became silent. i thought you would be strict like other lecturers, but i thought wrong. you are strict but in a fun way. with that thank you so much teech. :) 
-- the second one is, i will this class with my effort doing the project paper. me and my partner mira had gone through a lot and gave a very best to finish the project paper. i bet not only us, but the whole class had given 100% effort. but we knew we could had never finish it without your help.
-- that's all i can think about at this moment. i'm sorry if i fail to fulfill your requirement (is it the correct word to use) for this task.

-- i have read the post from my friends. when i read wani(h), i think, i almost cry. it is because i hate goodbye so much. it's hard to say farewell. it just hard.
-- so, for this chance, first of all i'm very sorry teech for all my wrong doings. thank you so much for all the knowledge you had given to us, for all the patience when you were with us, and for all the fun activities and
-- i hope to see you again in the future. you are awesome teech. 

these two are for you teech :)



  1. HUHU.... i feel you bad.. its really hard for us to leave bell 311 with teech. when i read your post my eyes turning red and its really sad. im still remembered that i have to stand up on the chair because oshin and me speaks in malay huhu no other lecturer do that !

  2. Awwww your entry touch my heart. Many of us have own memories with Teech. -hananilejen-

  3. first af all, thank you to badd becouse had helping me and my partner, Ali in doing our assignment. i aggre with you badd about moment when the first time teech enter our class.
    fasihah the minion =D

  4. Yes, agree with Nani. And memories with teech is wonderful. Again tisu sekotak :'(


  5. there is my name in this posts. yeayy. haha. and you badd really make my tears came out. at this opportunity, again sorry for everything teech. and badd thanks for helping me and my partner.

    -Wanie H-

  6. thank you all for commenting at my post. i'm sorry if i make you all cry. didnt mean it, but i hope teech understand that we are truly grateful to have him as our teech. :)

  7. "...bet not only us, but the whole class had given 100% effort."

    I know, Badd. I SO KNOW :o)

    And, I really appreciate that though you all HATE writing so much, all of you still tried.

    For that, may Allah SWT light all your paths with the light of knowledge... Insya Allah :-)

  8. me too hate saying goodbye. but that life. always hello and bye bye. that thing will make us strong anyway. so gudluck everyone! (mcm aku pulak yg pg.haha)


  9. my eye sweating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate say goodbye too!
    BTW good luck where ever we are :D