Tuesday, 17 September 2013

con ten partirooooo ~~~

assalamualaikum ..

con ten partiro ~ err .. i'm confuse what the means of those words ..in google translate its means " with you are far away " .. in nabila post from bambam blog its means "goodbye" .. maybee ~
huhu ..

okay okay .. i will miss this class BEL311 ! because this is the 1st time i had a tutor like TEECH ! always give we shocked every time during his class .. but to me its fun ! hahaha .. i will be not forget all memories in this class ... hehe .. thanks to dear TEECH because always give us new experience especially his punishment everything we do a wrong things .. 

Lastly, I want to apologize for my naughtiness in or other offenses to dear TEECH .. thanks for teaching us many things and support us during assignment .. always give us advised and always give us laugh in your class .. its very fun tutor with you even thought sometimes you make me stress .. hehe .. thanks you very much to you ~~ LOVE YOU ALWAYS .. hehe ..



  1. i also gonna miss BEL311 and Teech. Teech is the legendary lecterur i have been met even sometimes he make me stress. love Teech always too. hahahahahaha! -hananilejen-

  2. dear teech,

    please read my comment !! why we have to post about saying good bye??
    im crying when i read all post about saying good bye. huhu im so sad! huhu deeply inside my heart i can feel my heart and now i know how precious you are ! im sorry for being naughty student. And thank you teech for always do supporting me and oshin to complete our outline. thank you teech !
    -with love wana-

  3. We never say goodbye, we say until we meet again...

    1. And Oshin, writing is just so BORING.

      So, forgive me for bullying all of you... to make you all forget how boring writing is ;-)

  4. hehehe .. okay teech ! i hope will meet again in the future ... :P ..
    nani ~ thanks for support my coment .. hihihi
    wana ~ yeahh .. he great lecturer !!

  5. Teech will always be in our heart, Wah gituh haha :)


  6. waalaikumussalam...
    yes, i would like to say thank you to teech too...
    and will miss him so much!! :(