Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sd Muhamadiyah "terbaik"

assalamualaikum ..

To me SD Muhamadiyah is school with a difference from other schools. The multi school groups especially students from poor families. This school not only teaches the basic academy but more so as to teach the meaning of human life. I remember that, Pak Hairi teach them about Prophet to his student. the students there, never felt inferior to students from rich people because they know it's not important, what is important is their future education. They also always work each other and love each other because they like family in this school. Many things i learn from this movie , even thought this school its old not like other school but this school still survive and never closed to any people. To me, SD Muhamadiyah build to help the poor children and for prove that their students also can successful like other children. SD Muhamadiyah THE BEST ! 

sory .. i just forgot to post this essay ..i know dear teech will angry with me .. and my mark ~ errr ..  :( ..
sorry teech ........


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